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Ignorance of the procedure exposes a company to unforeseen risks. However, trustworthy information provides a fair assessment of a candidate’s reliability. Reference Verification & Background Screening reveal difficult to know aspects about a recruit’s performance, workplace discipline and behaviour, thus eliminating wrong recruitment and its after effects.

Misrepresentation can derail the recruitment exercise, resulting in a waste of time and effort. Overlooking a candidate’s doubtful data impacts the process at various levels. It weakens the hiring procedure and gives rise to unpleasant and worrisome implications.

An assessment of a recruit’s credentials is essential. It saves time, money and reputation by eliminating undesirable and non complying candidates. Moreover, a complex workforce, comprising a mix of regular employees and freelancers, necessitates such evaluations. differentiates honest mistakes from attempts to manipulate data. It indicates a conscious effort by staffing companies to minimize misrepresentations and liabilities consequent to on-boarding a wrong person.


Prominent objectives are:

  • Provide critical insights about a recruit to an organization
  • Weed out undesirable and disruptive elements
  • Curtail futile recruitment exercises
  • Safeguard an enterprise from financial liabilities
  • Enhance trust and integrity of a company's employment exercises

A Recruiter’s Tool

Reference verification/background screening is vital in many respects, some of
the prominent ones are:

  • Strengthens the hands of HR professionals
  • Empowers a recruiter to sieve through conflicting information
  • Prioritizes due diligence with regards to a candidate’s credentials
  • Procedure establishes transparency in recruitment
  • Avoids staffing errors and issues consequent to an erroneous hiring

Benefits of Reference Verification

Knowing an applicant's background is essential, as misrepresentation by a candidate amounts to a loss of face for the company.

Reviewing references of an aspirant enhances trust and integrity of the recruitment exercise and contributes to a robust hiring environ.

Wrong recruitment is expensive. Reference verification / background screening minimizes risks. It helps an enterprise in many ways, some of the beneficial outcomes are:

  • Loss of reputation avoided
  • Misrepresentations minimized
  • Helpful in managing a complex workforce
  • Improves productivity of recruitment exercises
  • Minimizes work disruption and hiring costs
  • Vital for recruiting people with the right skills, background and aptitude
  • Eliminates legal & financial implications consequent to flawed recruitment
  • Candidate’s behaviour & character checked with past employers & colleagues
  • Ensures a safe working environ