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We are an experienced reference verification background screening company for more than a decade. Our knowledge of the staffing industry, gives us the edge to successfully carry out this exercise.

We are well organized and our vast experience in the sector equips us with the expertise to handle a highly sensitive but neglected aspect of the recruitment process. We serve large business houses through our critical inputs.

Current Scenario

Present recruitment trends have revealed some interesting observations. These indicate that most of the discrepancies occur across all sectors.

The misinformation, mostly relate to employment details, followed by address and education, etc. Unlike earlier times, companies are not hesitant in tackling and publicizing the increasingly visible false information episodes.

A competitive industry has led to an overwhelming number of aspirants applying for limited jobs. The competition also fosters misuse of HR channel by the contending aspirants. Unfortunately, in their eagerness to succeed, they do not hesitate to use misleading information.